Indigo Grain

Designed by ©Nikki Galapon
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GTIN: 708793660912

Muted indigo marks the grain of this paneled Simple Spaces by Jellybean® accent rug. Designer Nikki Galapon has delivered a captivating design suitable for a number of spaces. With two sizes available, this rug goes against the grain with simple style.

Indoor Area Rug

Rug Size: 21" x 54"

Rug Content: 100% Super Soft Polyester Microfiber

Backing Content: 100% Polyester

Construction: Hi/Low Texture


Care Instructions:

Machine Wash in Cold Water with like colors on the gentle cycle in a fully loaded and balanced machine.

Do Not Bleach.

Line Dry or dry flat.

A liner is recommended to provide slip resistance and prevent color transfer or possible chemical reaction to manufactured flooring. 

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